ONE magazine #21

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【雑誌単品の場合、メール便送料のため代引き不可。代引き以外のお支払方法をご指定ください。】 “What more can I say, welcome to LA!” We brought Montre Livingston out to Los Angeles for an intense six-day shoot to put the finishing touches on the long-overdue issue #21. Believe us when we tell you that Montre caps off an issue that will re-introduce bladers everywhere to the mission we undertook here at ONE over eight years ago — show the best blading in the best way possible. In this case, that meant Wes Driver shooting Montre with a 6×7 film camera for results that haven’t been seen in blading since the days of Rejects. But as you know there’s more to Montre than just the blading, so before he left town we sat down for an in-depth interview covering his crazy past year and got to talk about who gets him hyped up, the success of the traveling pro camps, and what it’s like being a part of the USD family. This is an issue and an interview you will not want to miss. ※取り扱いには注意いたしますが、輸入・配送状況により、折れ、曲がりが生じることがございます。ご承知おきください。